Hi, I’m Clara, and I’m obsessed with good conversation. I’ve nurtured this obsession through degrees in history and linguistics, through professional work in UX, and — in the past few years — through journalism.

I started my first podcast, Physical Kids Weekly, in 2016 with Dani Lowry. The podcast follows the Syfy TV show “The Magicians,” and we release new episodes every week during the 13 weeks the show airs. Over the past three years, we’ve built an audience of nearly 10,000 listeners — mostly through organic marketing — and interviewed more than 20 members of the cast, crew, and writing staff for the show.

In 2019, I launched my second audio venture: Story Behind the Story, a monthly author interview show for KSQD 90.7 FM Santa Cruz. I interview authors working across a variety of mediums and genres on my show, from documentary playwrights to YA authors to science writers, and share those conversations on the first Saturday of every month.

In addition to my audio work, I write news stories, profiles, and reviews. I also interview artists and writers at live events.